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Is employment law fit for purpose, post Covid-19? | theHRD

*A white paper entitled ‘The Workforce Of The Future’, which exposes the limitations of employment law and explores the wider challenges faced by employers in the ‘new normal’.

The report suggests it’s time for a rethink. It considers the law around areas such as employees’ mental health, Zoom fatigue, the right to disconnect, flexible working and provides options to avoid redundancies and manage performance.

“Employers now have to carefully consider whether they still wish to return to “business as normal” or whether they should instead start to plan for a new normal which embraces flexible working. The law needs to be completely updated to give greater rights to challenge an employer’s refusal to allow homeworking.”

The report examines the role of leadership in this time of change and how new ways of working can support employee wellbeing and productivity. Organisations thrive when staff feel valued and their ideas are implemented – but how do you ensure a motivated and successful remote workforce? And is this even possible under current employment law? Read from source….