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Entrepreneur criticised for claiming NZ employment law is holding back innovation

Technology entrepreneur Alex MacCaw has copped flack for promoting employment law that allows bosses to fire workers on the spot.

MacCaw, is a recipient of an Edmund Hillary Fellowship, who was “caught” in this country in lockdown.

He is the founder and chief executive of consumer data company Clearbit, and posted on Twitter that, for Kiwi entrepreneurs, “the single biggest change the government could make that would promote business and innovation in New Zealand is: at-will employment”.

At-will employment law allowed employers to dismiss staff for any reason, without warning, during any period of their employment.

New Zealand law allows only businesses employing fewer than 19 staff to use the 90-day trial period, during which workers can be fired without warning.


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MacCaw defended his tweet and said at-will employment was “sorely misunderstood”. Read from source….