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Olivia Wilde’s latest Instagram post is trolled by Harry Styles fanatics after confirming romance

Olivia Wilde’s latest Instagram post has been trolled by Harry Styles fanatics just days after the pair confirmed their romance at his agent’s wedding over the weekend.

The actress, 36, took to Instagram earlier this month with a funny New Year meme of rock band Ramones, but was flooded with criticism over her relationship with the musician, 26, who he is working with on the film she is directing, Don’t Worry Darling.

Some of the One Direction star’s followers claimed the mother-of-two ‘stole’ him from them and slammed their decision to advance from colleagues to lovers, while others defended their romance and branded the hate ’embarrassing’.

Screen star Olivia’s post read: ‘2020, 24 hours to go’ – a funny spin on Ramones’ 1978 hit track I Wanna Be Sedated.

Despite the filmmakers’ efforts to inject humour into the start of the year, a few social media users took the opportunity to lash out at her for dating singer Harry.

One cruelly questioned the professionalism of Olivia’s psychological horror movie, which sees her new beau step into the leading role of Jack, who hides a dark secret from his wife Alice (Florence Pugh).

He took over Shia LaBeouf’s role as Florence’s love interest in September last year, and it is his first screen role since the 2017 movie Dunkirk.

They said: ‘dating a Co star and an employee isnt very professional from you …the movie should be called Harry and olivia’. (sic)

Others agreed: ‘So… Harry Styles got the part because he sleeps with the director? LOL.

‘And now we know how he got the part in the film… Did you slept with harry and you gave him the part? and you split with your husband bcoz you want to date harry?’ (sic)

Another troll ridiculed Harry’s past relationships, as well as the New Yorker’s nine-year romance with Wilde Jason Sudeikis, with whom she shares son Otis, six, and daughter Daisy, four.

They said: ‘I know Harry have a thing for older women not a mummy with 2 babies… YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING… DATING A BOY WHO’S WORKUNG FOR YOU!’ (sic)

However, a legion of the songwriter’s loyal fanbase urged the naysayers to stop writing negative comments on Olivia’s page, especially after Harry recently released the music video to his track Treat People with Kindness (TPWK).

Treat People with Kindness is a slogan the media personality first used to promote love and acceptance during his debut concert tour in 2017. Read from source….