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Beat the Chasers fans rage as contestant loses out on £10k after Paul Sinha’s ‘mistake’

Beat the Chasers fans were left raging at their screens after one contestant lost out on winning £10,000.

The latest episode saw contestant Gordon participate for a chance to win the cash prize, but sadly he didn’t manage to beat the quiz masters.

He lost out with just one second remaining and it left fans devastated for him.

Gordon was up against Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan and Shaun Wallace.

During the quick fire round, Bradley Walsh asked: “Anne Elliot is the heroine of which Jane Austin novel?”

However, some Twitter fans noticed quizzer Paul didn’t appear to press his buzzer when he correctly answered the question, and he was accused by some viewers of “breaking the rules”.

Usually, the Chaser will press the buzzer and they get the chance to answer. Read from source….