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Disabled mum trapped in bedroom set free by incredible DIY SOS home transformation

Disabled mum-of-two Mandy McCreight has been set free to enjoy a full family life after DIY SOS transformed her home so she can move around – and get outside – in her wheelchair.

She suffers a rare condition that affects her connective tissues, bones, muscles and internal organs, leaving her in so much pain that climbing the stairs is like tackling Mount Everest.

Unable to move her wheelchair through the house she became confined to her bedroom, only able to see her kids if they visited her there.

So the couple knew they needed to change the layout of their house if they were to have any chance of a normal family life with son Ben, 18, and daughter Kara, 15.

That’s why they turned to DIY SOS.

Mandy says: “After years of trying everything possible to sort out our housing problems, I’d given up hope.

“So I thought I had nothing to lose when I applied to DIY SOS in August 2018. I didn’t think I’d ever hear back but in June 2019 they completely renovated our home. It was our dream come true. It’s better than winning the lottery and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Mandy first suffered symptoms of her condition in 2002, while pregnant with Ben. She says: “Nobody knew what was wrong with me, I just kept being told that it’d get better after the pregnancy.

“But when I fell pregnant with Kara, I knew I was expecting before I even took a test because my pain levels were so high. The second pregnancy was absolutely awful from start to finish and when I left my job to go on maternity leave, deep down I knew that I wouldn’t be back.

“I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to recover this time and I was right.”

By the time Kara was born, Mandy was so ill that looking after her baby was a huge challenge.

She says: “I couldn’t feed Kara, I couldn’t bathe her, I couldn’t push her pram – so Ben and Kara have had a mum that’s been disabled all their lives. They’ve never known me any other way.”

Ben and Kara inherited her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and Mandy, 48, fears they too could need wheelchairs one day. Read from source….