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Doraemon teams up with fashion super-brand Gucci for top-of-the-line glamor goods

Gucci is such a household name at this point that the brand name itself has become slang for “good”. Its high price tags and ostentatious golden style have earned the brand many admirers, though in previous years they’ve faced stumbling blocks in how to cater to their Japanese market.

Their new collaboration with Doraemon, one of Japan’s cultural ambassadors and star of one of the most popular children’s manga/anime of all time, may be just the ticket to opening hearts and wallets across the nation. The line is available for pre-order and slated to go on sale in 2021, which will mark the fashion brand’s 100-year anniversary.

The collaboration goods are not merely limited to shirts, either. Gucci’s team of expert designers have whipped up loose trousers, a variety of stylish bags, sneakers, sweaters, and cotton dresses that make use of the muted chocolate fabric and the titular cat’s saturated, cheery visage.

The bags are all fringed with borders of deep red, which tie in perfectly with Doraemon’s cute little button nose and bright crimson collar.

Multiple fabrics are on offer too. There are silken bowling shirts and shorts, woolen sweaters, and even sneakers with fashionable red bottoms.

Hovering over the images of a given item on Gucci’s dedicated website will give you a preview of how the item looks on a model, as well as revealing its price. Let’s take a look at the fetching nylon jacket on the top row… Read from source….