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Happy stylish new year? Sequins add sparkle to lockdown loungewear as hopes soar

Sweatpants, leggings, slippers, Zoom shirts, wellies and padded jackets… 2020’s fashion trends highlighted the way our lives moved from office to living room and from bar to garden. But how will a new year – one more hopeful, with a post-vaccine future on the horizon – affect fashion?

As the world opens up again, fashion experts think that people will buy pieces which straddle a lifestyle under lockdown and the new normal, rather than completely overhauling their wardrobes. Morgane Le Caer, data editor at fashion search platform Lyst, thinks this has already started to happen, with loungewear still popular, alongside velvet, sequined skirts and embellished shoes – the kind of items that should be shown off beyond the laptop screen. “While demand for relaxed, comfortable pieces is not going to change anytime soon,” she says, “choosing to dress up with mood-boosting pieces in tough times is a signal of optimism and positivity.”

Buyers agree that this is a time where adaptability and flexibility are key qualities for consumers. Asos was at the heart of the home workout trend in 2020, selling 188,000 pairs of their 4505 leggings in the spring, and three million pairs of Nike trainers. Elsewhere, puffer jacket sales were up 80% on the site. Vanessa Spence, its design director, says a sports-influenced casual look will remain important to its Gen Z customers. “Loungewear blends into everyday life, offering people an outfit that will take them from sofa to supermarket,” she says. “We think there’s a real opportunity for this category to grow even further.”

For Spence, items that can be dressed up or down will win the start of 2021. “Comfort and versatility are now key requirements,” she says. “It’s easy to dress jogging bottoms up with an oversized blazer, heels and a gold chain to go out… or keep the look cosy with the matching hoodie and a pair of slippers. It’s about finding those key pieces and working them multiple ways.” Read from source….