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Manifesting dreams and boosting self-confidence through fashion |

Stylist teaches audience about the power of clothing for Black History Month

The event will be held online on Feb. 24, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Farline will teach attendees tips on how to dress to feel empowered to go after whatever they want.

Telsaint’s workshop will overview the impact of the way one dresses in order to get what they want. The clothes you wear have the power to boost your confidence and allow you to conquer any situation that comes your way.

Teslaint offers an array of stylist services to her clients with the goal to accentuate their unique personal style. Her knack for fashion has led her to take on the roles of personal shopper, closet cleanser—which involves revamping clients’ closets, on-set stylist, and creative director, among other things.

“Since I was nine years old, I knew that I wanted to evolve in the fashion industry,” Telsaint said. “In my younger adult years, I remember being complimented a lot on the way that I dressed. I was often asked to help pick clothes for a special occasion and to help shop.”

As her list of referrals expanded she decided to start her own stylist consultancy. Telsaint never aims to change her client’s style, but empowers them to experiment and expand their style.

Concordia student, Priscilla Freeman, will be attending Farline’s workshop and shares this same love for fashion. Read from source….