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In 2021, fashion will continue to get more democratic: Designer Payal Singhal

The pandemic gave weddings a makeover — from cutting down on flamboyance to hosting intimate gatherings. The same has also impacted the creative abilities of designers as they now play with softer tones, dainty designs and flattering silhouettes that are not time-sensitive. One such collection was born out of designer Payal Singhal’s latest collaboration with Indya, a homegrown clothing brand.

Featuring pastels along with Singhal’s signature tribal designs, the collection comprises 64 stylish creations ranging from shararas, kurtas, drop-crotch pants, pre-stitched sarees and much more.

In an email interaction with, the designer talks about the collection, haute couture entering the line of prèt and a lot more.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Indya?

Our endeavour has always been to be an all-encompassing label that offers something for everyone at every price point. We wanted to do a collection that makes the Payal Singhal signature more approachable and attainable, and for that, Indya made for the perfect brand.

What are your views on haute couture entering the line of prèt?

Couture can really never become prèt but a couture designer can definitely release a more toned-down version of their collection as prèt. We have been doing prèt for a while now and it makes the label more accessible to a larger audience catering to different occasions.

How did you ensure this collection is sustainable?

The collection is sustainable in the way that we are working with all the raw materials while making sure there is no wastage. This collection is really not claiming to be a sustainable product because it’s made with a poly blend fabric, but we have all other ethical practices to make the brand itself conscious.

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