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Neighbours brings back villain Kane for new Hendrix storyline

Neighbours reintroduces guest character Kane Jones on UK screens next week as part of a new storyline for Hendrix Greyson.

Kane, played by Barry Conrad, was last seen in 2019 when he lured Ned Willis into an illegal fighting ring.

In upcoming scenes, Hendrix (Benny Turland) quits his job at Lassiters after just a few days.

Hendrix feels guilty after realising that he may have unintentionally caused an accident for his boss Terese Willis, who gets locked in a steam-filled room with a faulty steam press and passes out.

Although Terese is told that she’ll be fine after being rushed to hospital, Hendrix can’t move on from the accident and goes back on the job hunt. Unfortunately, he has little experience and extremely high standards.

Soon afterwards, Hendrix decides to take the easy way out and gets drawn into trouble with his new friend Jay Rebecchi (Dhruv Malge).

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The teens agree to get involved in some illegal blackjack games, but come up with a dodgy plan to tip the odds in their favour – Jay will count the cards and give signals to Hendrix. Read from source….