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Call of Duty: Warzone’s most annoying guns have finally been nerfed

Update: Raven released the new Warzone balance patch this morning, detailing on Twitter how its most powerful weapons have been adjusted.

As has become usual for Call of Duty updates, the patch notes don’t include exact damage values. Players will need to see for themselves how effective these nerfs will prove, but early signs aren’t promising. It’s also worth mentioning that the pistol nerf applies to all pistols that can be dual-wielded, not just the popular Diamatti pistols that have an extremely short time-to-kill at short range.

Original story: Enjoy those overpowered DMR 14 loadouts while you can, because Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest dominant gun is officially getting a nerf. Raven Software announced today over Twitter that Warzone’s next major patch will target the rifle as well as a few other guns causing headaches across Verdansk—namely the MAC-10 SMG and commonly dual-wielded Diamatti pistols. Read from source….