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COVID-19: A doctor shares images of a London coronavirus ward

It’s rare to see images of the UK’s COVID wards now, with few journalists allowed access.

But an anaesthetist in London – who also happens to have a passion for photography – has been sharing “honest” and “personal” photographs of what is happening in what is currently one of the busiest hospitals in the country.

Dr Jon Williamson has been posting the photographs on Instagram in the hope the images will be seen by people who do not usually engage with news.

“The aim is to give a realistic, human perspective and a personal experience of COVID on the frontline in a way that feels authentic and unstaged,” he told Sky News.

In this photo, Dr Williamson explains, a bed is being prepared for the next patient after the previous person – a COVID-19 sufferer – passed away.

“An empty bed is quite a rare sight,” he says.

“Within a few hours, it was filled with a patient who needed to be intubated straight away for COVID.”

The NHS internal transfer process has meant many hospitals are just about managing to cope with new admissions, but still there are some which are running out of space.

Some patients are having to be taken straight into intensive care from A&E, as can be seen in this photo.

Here, a critically unwell patient is being wheeled to the ICU by medical staff.

When the patients reach ICU, many need to be intubated and will spend much of their time unconscious.

This next shot is from the patient’s perspective. Read from source….