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Heart-stopping moment dog saves older blind sister from drowning in pool

This is the heart-stopping moment a family dog rescued its older sister from drowning after she fell into a swimming pool.

The clip shows Luna, a 14-year-old blind pit bull, walking in close proximity to the pool on December 19, before falling in and eventually being rescued by fellow pooch Caipirinha.

Dog owner Julieta Firpo shared the CCTV footage taken in the garden of her home in the town of Sunchales, Argentina, and praised Caipirinha for saving Luna’s life.

Alongside the post, she penned: “Yesterday walking through the patio, she fell into the pool.”

She added that Luna had “started to lose her way” and was disoriented in the days leading up to the terrifying accident.

The incredible footage shows Caipirinha instantly race to the pool to be by his sister’s side to devise a plan. Read from source….