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China says its ban on a WHO mission is a ‘misunderstanding’

China has said it is still negotiating with the World Health Organisation over the dates and itinerary for a visit by international experts looking into the origins of Covid-19.

It comes after the head of the agency criticised Beijing for not finalising permissions for the mission.

China’s position on the hunt for the origins of the pandemic ‘has always been open and responsible’, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

She said that China is in close co-operation with the WHO. However, the dates and itinerary need to be finalised, she said.

‘The origins problem is very complex. To ensure that the work of the global experts group in China is successful and to carry out the necessary procedures and relevant concrete plans, currently both sides are still in negotiations on this,’ Ms Hua told a regular press briefing.

‘I understand that it’s not just a visa problem and the actual date and itinerary. Both sides are still in close communication.’ Read from source….